Whether you’re looking to breakway inbetween all of the exciting activities during IRONMAN week, or better yet, you’re planning to stay a few extra days, we’ve put together some itineraries that will help you plan an unforgettable adventure. Spend a couple of hours relaxing on the water at one of our three reservoirs, or spend a full day between Zion National Park’s towering canyon walls. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll leave wishing you didn’t have to.

Fill Your Days with Adventures across Greater Zion

When you’re in Greater Zion, the adventures call to you. The adventures are plentiful, and provide a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the land, geology and history – to whatever extent you wish.

Short, Quick Adventures in Greater Zion

If you have a couple hours to spare between IRONMAN festivities and activities, try squeezing in one or more of these quick adventures. It’ll leave you wanting more, but you’ll get a taste of this Land of Exploration.

Mix-and-Match Half-Day Adventures in Greater Zion

Greater Zion is made for adventure. If you have simply a half a day or want to build your extended stay, consider these half-day adventures. And, if you really like something, feel free to make it a whole day!

Spend a day beyond greater zion

As you’ve made your basecamp in Greater Zion, a quick day trip can lead to all kinds of additional discoveries and experiences. Check out some of these exciting full-day adventures that will take you just outside of Greater Zion.

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