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The IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship is coming to St. George September 18. And it’s not like any other IRONMAN, bringing nearly $20 million in economic impact to Greater Zion.

Through the resources below, learn what that means to you and your business. Get insights and tips for how to join in the opportunities and be a part of the success.

We’re welcoming the World! Rise to it!

Critical business info facts

Learn event basics, to-dos, consider adaptations and ways to embrace the event.

IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Quick Facts

Must-know information including dates, attendance, history, and key messages

A FREE opportunity to get your business in front of IRONMAN visitors and volunteers by making exclusive offers. Visit to list your deal and learn more or download the one-sheeter.

order a welcome banner

Contact Alphagraphics at 435-656-5220 or via email at to order a 4’ x 3’ or 3’ X 4’ pre-approved banner to hang at your business to welcome athletes and visitors. (Approximately $45 each.) Simply provide your logo to make it your own. 
If you’re looking for something larger, you can absolutely work with Alphagraphics to scale one of these designs to fit your needs.

See if and how the race route will impact your business. Plan ahead for customers, deliveries and staff.

Get your business involved in the week’s events. Plenty of opportunities exist for group participation.

Pick Up Resources

Beginning in early September, pick up the go-to guide for everything IRONMAN, Activities Week brochures and more information at the Greater Zion Visitors Center (20 North Main Street, #105).


All sponsorships and vendor opportunities work through IRONMAN. Learn more about exhibit booths and partnerships.

City Presentation

City of St. George and Grater Zion officials presented impacts and opportunities to downtown St. George business meeting in April.

Economic Impacts

Learn how events like the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship are good for business and the community in the economic cycle.

For more information

If you, your business and/or communities have questions about the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship, reach out to the Greater Zion Convention & Tourism Office at or 435-634-5747.

Presentations and working sessions are available too on a limited basis. Again, contact the Tourism Office for requests.


Check out the Below recommendations for how you can best prepare for the
upcoming ironman 70.3 world championship
  • Increase Staffing
  • Purchase Extra Supplies
  • Enhance Your Appearance
  • Ensure Your Websites, Google Listings and Social Pages are Accurate and Inviting
  • Increase Communication with Customers
  • Use The Below Hashtags On Social Media
  • #IM703WC
  • #mdotsculpture
  • #RiseToIt
  • #LandofEndurance
  • #GreaterZion

We have all of the external elements to make this an unforgettable World Championship, but what sets us apart is the heart of the people. You can’t fabricate genuine passion and enthusiasm, and in St. George, it is here for the taking.

Governor Spencer Cox

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